Contact a Child Injury Lawyer in California

Our firm of California child injury lawyers is experienced in handling legal claims of childhood injuries arising from medical malpractice, drug errors, sexual abuse, car accidents, negligence and many other types of preventable trauma.

For a parent, there may be no greater injury than an injury to their child. Often times when children are harmed in avoidable events, the community at large feels compelled to find answers and accountability. The child injury lawyers at our firm have spent decades finding answers and responsibility for injured children and helping them and their families fight for the resources they need. Mulligan Law are highly experienced with serious birth and childhood injury cases.

Some of the child injury lawsuits and claims our firm has successfully handled include:

If your child has been harmed by the carelessness of another, call our firm and speak to our personal injury attorneys who are highly experienced in helping children and families. Our team of personal injury lawyers hold individuals accountable for their negligent actions that have caused children to suffer injuries and put millions of dollars back into the hands of families that have been wronged. Mulligan Law would be honored to investigate whether we can potentially help you and your family. There is no cost to call and have your case evaluated by our team of personal injury attorneys and medical malpractice professionals.