Jan Mulligan’s adept communication skills help her to relate to people. She  engages even the most sophisticated audience with both clarity and enthusiasm on a wide range of topics.

Jan is passionate and well versed on topics related to developing technology and the law. She has honed her expertise in navigating the constantly evolving issues raised by healthcare law and privacy issues. Jan spent decades representing consumers while also instructing physicians and students at UCSD Medical School.

No matter how large or small your audience, they will feel at home and enjoy a collaborative experience engaging with Jan. With a background as a trial lawyer and frequent speaker both nationally and internationally, she is sure to captivate your audience with her creative presentations.

Choice of suggested topics include:

Technology and the Law

  • Privacy and the Law: CPRA as a Gold Standard for the US
  • Data Protection, Including Cross-Border Transfers of Data to the U.S.
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Law
  • How to Use ChatGPT Legally and Ethically

Health Care and the Law:

  • Telehealth and the Law
  • Precision Medicine and the Law
  • Use of Metaverse in Medicine and Legal Pitfalls
  • How to Avoid Malpractice (from the Perspective of Providers and/or for Consumers)

The Practice of Law:

  • How to Find your Passion and Thrive in the Practice of Law
  • Rainmaking
  • Entrepreneurism and How to Profit in a Solo or Small Firm
  • Health and Wellness for Lawyers

Motivational Speaking:

  • Influential Women
  • Inspirational Speakers
  • Pivoting in Careers and Finding a New Passion

Jan’s speaker’s fees vary based on her schedule, length of presentation, location of event and other factors. For additional information, please contact us about your event.

Explore Jan’s Insights: Visit the list of publications for a glimpse into other diverse topics Jan enjoys exploring.


Jan is not only knowledgeable and professional, but she has a true heart for helping people. Practicing law is her ‘purpose and passion’ and she displays this through her compassion and caring, [and] her fire and tenacity. Jan fights for her clients and she does not back down. She is honest and direct.

Client P

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and knowledge Jan has shown. She is on it! People like her are so rare to come by. I would give her 10 stars if I could! I will recommend her to any friend or family member I know.

Client CH

A skilled team who understands people as well as law.

Client EK

They give their everything and more. Super Smart, Super Diligent, Compassionate, Warm and Caring, Upfront and Honest.

Client MM

Jan was nothing short of amazing in her verbal dominance of the other side in depositions and trial arguments. Let’s say I am very glad she was on my side of the table. At the conclusion of my case the judge looked at me and said, hope you appreciate the Herculean effort that your lawyers gave in this case. Believe me I did! That’s just how they roll.

Client A.V.