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Why Hire Mulligan Law for Privacy and Technology Law Issues?

Clients trust Mulligan Law for two compelling reasons. Jan Mulligan is an accomplished and award-winning attorney who provides hands-on impeccable personal service. Additionally, her boutique law firm is a proud member of the prestigious Lexing® international network, headquartered in Paris, France. This affiliation ensures that our expert colleagues around the globe are readily available to address your digital services needs wherever and whenever you require assistance.

Jan’s Expertise in U.S. Privacy Laws:

Jan is a seasoned legal professional at the forefront of cutting-edge emerging legal issues including privacy, AI, ChatGPT, metaverse, telehealth, big data, and other evolving technologies.

A member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), with decades of experience in both privacy and emerging technology laws, she brings unparalleled expertise to every client engagement.

Jan offers practical preventive law advice as to how businesses of all kinds can use best practices to avoid litigation by legally and ethically complying with privacy laws and regulations.

She reviews clients’ policies to ensure overall compliance with the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). Absent comprehensive federal legislation, the CPRA is arguably the gold standard of U.S. privacy laws.

Jan is also available to help clients ensure compliance with privacy laws that apply to various kinds of businesses. For example, she can assist with compliance with the California Medical Information Act (CMIA) and the federal HIPAA and High-Tech Act. She is also savvy about other federal and state sector specific privacy laws.

The best way to prevent litigation is to hire a seasoned and successful trial lawyer. Jan has a long track record of helping consumers and patients whose privacy was breached. Jan’s cases have been as varied as human experience can envision including breaches of personal health data. By creating effective policies and vigilantly training staff, Jan can help you to prevent privacy breaches up front before they occur!

Jan’s background in practicing healthcare law in California, the birthplace of the first state privacy law in the U.S., set the foundation for her extensive knowledge. The California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA), enacted in 1981, served as a model for subsequent federal privacy laws like HIPAA, passed in 1996.

In the absence of broad federal privacy laws, California is a leader in enacting robust legislation, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).ese  Jan’s expertise in privacy laws such as  these, positions Jan as a trailblazer. Let her help you with compliance standards on your privacy issues.

As a member of the LexingÒ network of international tech lawyers, and as the former chair of the ABA TIPS Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Committee, Jan has delved deeply into the evolving landscape of privacy laws, earning her stellar reputation in this field.

Jan’s Expertise in U.S. Technology Laws:

Jan first became intrigued with technology while she was affiliated with the University of San Diego School of Medicine (UCSD). Serving as a clinical instructor at UCSD, Jan contributed valuable insights on the law relative to privacy, telehealth, and ethics.

Jan has remained at the forefront of technology advancements. Her sought-after lectures for medical and legal audiences nationally and globally demonstrate her expertise in technology law.

Jan Mulligan’s exceptional legal skills and ethical standards have earned her recognition in the top 5% of all attorneys in the United States. This has earned her numerous trial and leadership awards from esteemed peer reviewed organizations.

Jan represents clients throughout California, and she also serves as a consultant, expert witness, national and international speaker, and author on in emerging privacy and technology issues.

For detailed information about Jan Mulligan’s background click here.

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Mulligan Law is a Member of the Select  Lexing® Network Providing Global Services With Seasoned International Colleagues:

Jan is a distinguished member of the Lexing® Network, a global association of trusted lawyers recognized for their expertise in digital and emerging laws. Headquartered in Paris, France, Lexing® has meticulously selected experienced attorney-network members from 39 countries. Jan is poised to work with her Lexing® colleagues to make available to you comprehensive worldwide legal assistance. For more information, click here.

Choose Mulligan Law for unparalleled legal expertise ensuring your privacy and technology law needs are met with excellence.

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Jan is not only knowledgeable and professional, but she has a true heart for helping people. Practicing law is her ‘purpose and passion’ and she displays this through her compassion and caring, [and] her fire and tenacity. Jan fights for her clients and she does not back down. She is honest and direct.

Client P

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and knowledge Jan has shown. She is on it! People like her are so rare to come by. I would give her 10 stars if I could! I will recommend her to any friend or family member I know.

Client CH

A skilled team who understands people as well as law.

Client EK

They give their everything and more. Super Smart, Super Diligent, Compassionate, Warm and Caring, Upfront and Honest.

Client MM

Jan was nothing short of amazing in her verbal dominance of the other side in depositions and trial arguments. Let’s say I am very glad she was on my side of the table. At the conclusion of my case the judge looked at me and said, hope you appreciate the Herculean effort that your lawyers gave in this case. Believe me I did! That’s just how they roll.

Client A.V.