Jan Mulligan & Lexing Network of International Lawyers

Janice Mulligan is a highly experienced, award-winning attorney. Mulligan has a privileged relationship with Lexing, an international network of lawyers  who share her same solid core values.  This relationship  enables Mulligan to help individuals and businesses with projects all over the world, while still allowing clients to maintain a personal, hands-on working relationship with a California lawyer.

Mulligan knows that  innovation is the driver of progress  and needs to be given the highest priority. Mulligan’s work is dedicated to making  clients’ projects a success, while maintaining integrity and the highest level of ethics.  Mulligan limits the number of clients she helps so that she can devote the time and energy necessary to serve each of her clients’ needs. Janice Mulligan is personally involved in helping her clients every step of the way with  their legal needs.

Through her relationship with Lexing, Janice Mulligan maintains established relationships with some of the best qualified state, national and worldwide experts to make sure this firm has the strong professional assistance necessary to meet all of her clients’ needs.

Mulligan does not limit her role simply to the application of legal rules. Janice Mulligan is known for finding creative and practical solutions to help her clients achieve their objectives.  Mulligan strives to continually improve  skills and knowledge so that she can remain on the cutting edge of the practice of law. This ongoing knowledge of new legal developments contributes to the long term viability of her legal solutions.

Mulligan has close established links with the academic world.  For several years, Janice Mulligan taught legal and ethical issues related to cutting edge medical technology at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. Mulligan continues to be a frequent lecturer for the International Association of Lawyers (UIA), the American Bar Association and other national and regional medical and legal associations and businesses. As an example, here is a presentation Mulligan gave at an international conference in Trieste, Italy on Artificial Intelligence in U.S. Healthcare.

Mulligan advises clients on traditional health law needs as well as telemedicine/telehealth, cybersecurity, privacy, big health data and other high tech issues. In addition to helping clients to solve their legal disputes, Janice Mulligan is available to provide training, draft guidelines, serve as a consultant or an expert witness.

Through her networking association with Lexing, Janice Mulligan is uniquely able to offer clients the personal, hands-on legal advice they deserve while meeting their worldwide needs.