Recent News

September 2023

Weathering the Storm of Transatlantic Data Regulations published in Lexing Network International Newsletter

April 2023

Jan Mulligan’s article “Well-Being in Law: A Global Call to Action” featured in Juriste International.

September 2022

Jan Mulligan’s article “Hacking Each Other to Death: Cyber-War and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict” featured in Juriste International.

June 2022

Jan discusses Metaverse and U.S. Laws  and Regulation at a Lexing Network Global Conference.

September 2021

Jan Mulligan speaks at a UIA international Science & Law conference in Trieste Italy on “AI in U.S. Healthcare: Will the robotic doctor see us now?

July 2021

Jan Mulligan’s article “Jabbing Around the World: Global Disparities Accessing SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines” appears in the Summer edition of Juriste International.

April 2021

Jan Mulligan is a speaker and moderator at an international webinar on “COVID Contact Tracing: Progress or Privacy at the Crossroads?”

April 2020

Janice Mulligan co-authors peer reviewed international journal article:
Trace, Test, and Treat COVID-19: A Tale of Two Cultures
Juriste International, International Association of Attorneys

May 2020

Jan Mulligan and Mark VonderHaar presented a webinar entitled “Representing Policyholders in COVID-19 Business Interruption Cases” to the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.

Jan Mulligan moderated an international discussion among physicians and lawyers for the UIA Health Law Commission entitled “How Technology and Medicine are Helping/Hindering the COVID-19 Pandemic”. With her on the panel were Lawrence Friedman, M.D. (UCSD California USA), Shigeki Takahasi, M.D., LLB, PhD (Tokyo, Japan), Joshua Cohen (NYC, NY USA) and Diego Saluzzo (Turin, Italy).

August 2019

“Jury Selection: The Make-It-Or-Break-It Phase of a Trial” article co-authored by Jan Mulligan appears in GPSolo Magazine, a publication of the American Bar Association

July 2019

Janice Mulligan interviewed by Maria Kelly, President of Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, for the Trial Bar News magazine.

June 2019

Jan Mulligan, President of the UIA Health Law commission, presents at the opening session of the international UIA Seminar in NYC: “Welcome to the Age of Big Health Data! Will It be a Cure or a Curse?”

Mulligan Law win class certification of nationwide class action against Stemgenex stem cell clinics.

November 2018

Jan Mulligan was a featured speaker at the International Association of Attorneys (UIA) Congress in Porto, Portugal. The topic she addressed was “Biometric & Big Health Data is Here to Stay: Can’t leave it…Can We Learn to Love it?” A link to her power point is available here:


October 2018

For their $5.5 million dollar jury verdict in an Orange County medical malpractice trial, Jan Mulligan is honored to be named 2018 Trial Stars from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego (CASD)

August 2018

Orange County Trial Lawyers Award Top Gun Trial Lawyer of the Year for Medical Malpractice to be Awarded to Janice Mulligan

September 2017

Jan Mulligan publishes health and privacy article in ABA TIPS Journal

October 2016

$1,250,000.00 Settlement: Premises Liability

August, 2016

LA Times reports on our Stem Cell Clinic class action

April, 2016

Jan Mulligan featured alumni at University of San Diego

March, 2016

Janice Mulligan publishes article “Cybermedicine: Technological Boon or Data Security Nightmare? in The Warrior, Journal of the Trial Lawyer’s College.

January 2016

$2,175,000.00 Settlement Reached by MB&F When Lifeguard Runs Over Sunbather

October 2015

BEST REPORT OF CONGRESS awarded to Janice F. Mulligan’s paper on Healthcare Cyber Vulnerability: A Risk Management Nightmare for the 21st Century is presented at UIA Congress in Valencia, Spain.

June 2015

How Lawyers Should Best prepare for U.S. Mediation
Janice F. Mulligan presents seminar at Center for International Legal Studies
Salzburg, Austria

May 2015

Telehealth/Telemedicine: The Promise and the Perils Under U.S. Law
Janice F. Mulligan presents seminar for Union Internationale des Avocats in Minneapolis, Minnesota

November 2014

Advanced Medical Technology and its Cost
Janice F. Mulligan presents a seminar for Union Internationale des Avocats in Florence, Italy

October 2013

Podcast: How Best Can Medical Malpractice Policy Be Reformed: An Interview with Janice Mulligan

August 2013

USD Law Alumna Janice F. Mulligan ’81 (JD) Appointed to California State Bar’s Commission on Judicial Nominees

April 2013

Janice F. Mulligan to Receive TIPS James K. Carroll Leadership Award

April 2013

San Diego Magazine – Medical Malpractice

October, 2012

The Right to Medical Treatment: Availability of Healthcare in the United States Janice F. Mulligan presents a seminar for Union Internationale des Avocats in Florence, Italy

National Research Council. To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2000.

To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System

Missing Link

Telemedicine Law

June 2008

What They Didn’t Teach You in Med School: Entrepreneurial Approach Is Key To A Successful Medical Practice (Jun 23, 2008 – Business Wire)

December 2007

Lawsuit leads clinic to drop patient, family (Dec 10, 2007 –

May 2002

Obstetricians dwindle amid high malpractice costs (May 06, 2002 – USA Today)

January 2000

Medical Sleuthing by Janice F. Mulligan (American Bar Association Journal, p. 61, January (2000))