Meningitis, Group B Strep & Other Infections

Pregnant women and young children are especially vulnerable to being harmed by infections. The immature immune systems of young children make it difficult for them to adequately fight off a newborn infection. Infections in pregnancy have the potential to not only injure the mother, but also may cause serious, permanent harm to their babies as well.

For example, a Group B strep bacterial infection in a pregnant woman may cause little to no symptoms in the mother. But if left untreated, the infection could pass the infection on to her newborn baby and may manifest in the newborn as meningitis. Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that protects and covers the spinal cord and brain. Meningitis in newborns can be fatal. Other serious infections that can be devastating to a newborn baby include sepsis, pneumonia and encephalitis.

Pregnant women must be tested prenatally and treated for any possible risk of transmitting an infection to their unborn child. This may include screening, or testing, for infections in pregnant women and newborns before any noticeable symptoms arise. When infections are found, the health care team may be required to order and administer antibiotics, before and even during the labor process.

Contact A Newborn Infection Lawyer In California

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