Often elders are in danger due to isolation and dependence on others. They can become victims of others taking control of their finances, blocking access to the outside world and depriving them of necessities. The individual feels trapped, scared, used, helpless and frustrated. They may be robbed of money that took a lifetime to save.

While it is sometimes difficult to recover awards against relatives or individual caretakers who have stolen money, these people need to be stopped before taking advantage of other victims. The police, District Attorney and the Area Agency on Aging should be involved. Notify them immediately if you suspect wrongdoing by an individual caregiver.

Financial elder abuse is also prevalent in the form of financial scams. Seniors make tempting victims as they often have life savings deposited in financial institutions. The easy access to personal data allows them to be more carefully targeted. They are also more frequently homeowners, and therefore vulnerable to various home improvement scams, home loan scams, and other creative ploys to make off with their money. Financial scams often require the help of forensic accountants to uncover.

Many financial scam artists who prey on elderly people are difficult to pin down and usually have hidden or spent the victim’s money. New laws recently enacted made elder abuse judgments take priority against competing judgments for wage garnishment. While cases of financial elder abuse can be challenging, we have the resources and experience to assist.

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