Often, mistakes are made because the corporations that own the nursing homes put profits before people and cut corners to increase their own financial gain. By bringing a lawsuit, you can shine a light on the mistakes that happened and try to keep others from falling victim. For example, what appears to be a fall in a nursing home, or overmedication, may actually come down to corporate neglect.

By intentionally understaffing a nursing home and/or inadequately training inexperienced staff, more accidents are bound to happen. The same thing can happen if there is too little supervision. But the profits generated for the nursing home and its management, owners and investors are greater. Many very sick people require much more than the minimum hours of nursing staff required by law. By sending the staff home early, working half shifts and limiting overtime, nursing homes often ensure the staffing levels stay at the bare minimum 3.2 nursing hours required each day under California law. But the proper staffing is that which is adequate to meet the needs of the residents, with their particular care plans. Experts recommend far more nursing hours per day for the sickest people who require much more care.

By withholding care when care is needed, a deliberate disregard is shown for the health and safety of residents. This can be egregious and may be a distinct form of misconduct separate from professional negligence.

Mulligan Law has experience with cases that happened because of corporate decisions that caused homes to be poorly run and understaffed. These include nurses’ assistants being too overwhelmed with the daily needs of patients to attend to all of them.  We have had cases of horrific pressure sores, wrongful death by burning to death due to safety hazards with oxygen, multiple fractures from falls, rape, sepsis and other similar very tragic events.

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