Ridesharing.  It’s incredibly convenient.  It’s slashed the cost of hiring a driver or taxi to take us around town, and even to other cities.  But what happens when your Lyft or Uber driver gets into an accident?  Or if you’re hit by a Lyft or Uber driver?

Insurance: Not Always What It Seems

Specific laws and insurance coverages apply to Uber and Lyft drivers.  We have seen situations where people involved in rideshare accidents are told incorrect information about the driver’s insurance.  That could cause you to accept less than you should to cover your medical bills and lost time at work.

For instance, the driver’s personal insurance policy often does not provide coverage for ridesharing accidents; but sometimes it may.  The insurance coverage made available to you by Uber or Lyft may not be known by the driver or could be misrepresented to you.

What Do I Do Immediately After An Uber Or Lyft Accident?

If you’re injured in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver – either yours or someone else’s – put your health first.  Get examined as soon as possible by a health care provider.  Tell them everything that does not feel right.  Forgetting to complain, or “sucking it up” and acting tough at this time, will be used against you later.

If you are able, take pictures of the accident scene.  You may have someone do this for you.  Be sure to get pictures of the damage to the vehicles.  Finding and photographing vehicles that do not belong to you will be much more difficult after they leave the scene.

Then, contact an Uber or Lyft accident attorney who is familiar with ridesharing companies, their insurance and their tactics.  We are happy to speak with you with no obligation to retain us as your attorneys.  When you are ready, please message us or give us a call.